Warranty Registration

If you have recently purchased a Byocycles ebike please take the time to complete the Warranty Registration Form to claim your free 12-month warranty.

All bikes must be registered to claim your free 12-month warranty. If the bike is not registered on the Byocycles website the warranty will not be valid.




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Warranty Information

1. Standard Warranty

Byocycles Ltd warrants by way of replacement components, to items purchased new from an approved dealer subject to the terms and conditions set out below in items 3-8 for a period of 2 years for the frame and fork and 1 year for all non-consumable parts.

2. Extended Warranty

By registering online you can upgrade your warranty to the periods listed in the table below. Provided your new ByoCycle is purchased new from an approved dealer and the registration is made on our website within 3 weeks of purchase. (Please ask your place of purchase if you need assistance).

Part Standard Warranty Extended Warranty
Frame and Fork 2 years 5 years
Battery & Electrical Components 1 year 2 years
Non Consumable Parts 1 year 2 years

3. Bicycle Components

Byocycles Ltd warrant all components excluding consumables.

4. Electrical Components

Electrical Components including Controller, LED or LCD Display, Pedelec Sensor, battery, motor and charger.

5. Battery

a. Battery capacity is warranted not to fall by more than 22% in the first year after purchase.

b. If you have Extended Warranty the battery capacity is warranted not to fall by more than 40% during the second year of purchase.

c. Your battery warranty will be void if any attempt is made to open the battery by anyone other than Byocycles trained technicians.

6. Frame and Forks

a. Your frame and fork have a 2 year warranty.

b. If you have extended your warranty, it is extended to 5 years.

c. The permissible total weight of a rider and luggage of all of the Byocycles range is 125kg.

7. Your warranty does not cover damage due to the following

a. Improper use, servicing, assembly or maintenance.

b. Wear and tear to consumable items such as: tyres, saddles, innertubes, chains, chainwheels, freewheels/cassettes, brake pads, cables, handlebar grips, bottom brackets, headsets or frame bearings.

c. Corrosion, rust, hairline cracks in paint, chips in paint, water damage, the results of metal fatigue.

d. Failure or loss cause by accident, misuse, abuse and theft.

e. Neglect (poor care and maintenance) overloading with excessive weight and towing

f. Incorrect assembly.

g. Modifications to the bike and the mounting of accessories.

8. General Conditions of Warranty

a. Your bike will only be covered under this warranty if the cycle was purchased from an official Byocycles dealer.

b. Only the first owner of the bicycle is covered by this warranty. The warranty is not transferable.

c. You must be able to provide proof of purchase with date of purchase if requested.

d. All warranty work must be undertaken by an approved Byocycles dealer.

e. Warranty includes the cost of replacement parts and shipping to an approved Byocycles dealer only. No labour charge is expressed or implied, this is down to the individual retailer to decide.

f. Claims for loss of use or compensation of any kind are excluded and will not be warranted under any circumstances.

g. In the event of a claim for warranty, the original warranty period will not extend.

h. Your warranty will be null and void if you elect to repair a defective component yourself or if you use a replacement component not supplied by Byocycles or an approved reseller.

i. In the case of a claim for a damaged frame, the frame or complete bike (cleaned) must be returned to your place of purchase for examination. If your place of purchase is no longer trading, Byocycles reserve the right to charge for any labour/delivery/collection.

j. Disassembling any part or component beyond which is shown in the users manual is a complete void of warranty.

Your statutory rights remain unaffected.