Battery Information

Byocycles Electric bikes are fitted with the latest generation of Lithium–Ion batteries, with cells from leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Panasonic.

Lithium-Ion Batteries are one of the most efficient and light weight batteries used in electric bikes. These batteries are able to store large amounts of energy and if properly maintained will last several years.

All Byocycles bike motors are 36v, the battery capacity (the distance you can travel between charges) is measured in Amp Hours (Ah). The higher the Ah capacity the higher the range you can achieve.

The bikes battery range is also dependant on factors other than just its Ah.

These include:

The Terrain of the area you are riding will affect the range of your battery. Particularly hilly terrain along with rough or non-tarmac surfaces will reduce the range you can achieve, compared to riding on flat sealed roads.

Rider Weight and Luggage affects how hard the motor has to work. The higher the load the more power is needed from the battery.

Tyre Pressure not only affects puncture resistance and handling it has an effect on the range of the battery. Under inflated tyres can provide more grip in wet conditions, however the efficiency in which the tyre rotates is significantly reduced meaning the motor needs to work harder and in turn use more power.

Battery Age will affect the capacity of the battery itself. The batteries capacity will slowly deplete with age meaning the battery will be unable to charge to the same capacity of a new battery as a result reducing the range.

Instructions on how to maximise the life of your battery are included in the bikes manual. When these instructions are followed you can expect to enjoy years of use from your battery.