About Us

As a proudly British owned and run Bicycle Company. Byocycles has been putting the “e-bike smile” on people’s faces since 2008. Located on the English South Coast we distribute our bikes through a network of bike stores and online retailers throughout the UK and Europe.

We know people’s interest in electric bikes varies greatly. The team at Byocycles have and will continue to manufacture ebikes that cater to all your needs. Whether that’s your daily commute bike, weekend Leisure bike or simply a bike you need to store quickly and efficiently, we have developed a range to satisfy all your needs.

A 5 year extended warranty is available on all new Byocycles frames and forks by simply filling out the warranty registration form on our website. Added to this we will also upgrade the warranty of all non-consumable parts and accessories to 2 years.

To view, test ride or purchase a Byocycles bike please contact your local dealer.

To find your nearest dealer use our find a dealer page